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How long will the curry paste last after opened ?

Once opened the curry paste will last up to 3 months in the refrigerator. Add a little oil to the top of the paste to help seal the surface and it can last much longer. Also do not cross contaminate by using utensils that have other food on them.

Is there onion or garlic in the ingredients?

Yes, there are both onion and garlic in the ingredients.

How spicy is the curry paste?

Our green curry paste main ingredients are fresh green chili. Red curry paste main ingredients are dehydrated red chili and others herbs. so most of them are about medium spicy. Our Panang curry is more spicy with lemongrass and kafire lime leaves give you a citrus undertone. Yellow curry paste are the less spicy one.Each person has a different level of what one considers too hot or too spicy. So, we would recommend you use only 1 Tsp of our curry pastes to start.You can gradually add them later

How long is the shipping ?

We ship all orders via Expedited Parcel which normally take 1-2 business day in Ontario.

Do your products contain peanut?

Our products do not use peanuts or any nuts. However, our products were made in a commercial kitchen. This means that production was not held in a 100% dedicated peanut-free facility.

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