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Our story


Our Story

Our Mother "Chutinun Oumrugsa"  is an amazing woman. She has loved cooking since I can remember. When I was 10 years old, she owned 2 Thai restaurants in Bangkok Thailand, even though she had full time job working with government of Thailand, she balanced both careers while raising 3 children. She also catered 500-1000 events all the time. I still remember all of my family members have to sit in line like a food production factory arranging these huge catering orders. She started cooking meals for her family since she was in High School. From that time on cooking was in her blood. She is 83 years old now in 2022 and still watching food channel and all YouTube cooking videos from all over the world. She still loves to cook with new recipes and still has a strong passion for cooking everyday.

Mom acquired even more cooking experience when she took early retirement. She joined her friends Thai restaurant in Los Angeles as a chef. Her 20 years cooking experience grew while working at many other restaurants through out the Los Angeles area. While visiting my son and I in Burlington, Ontario in 2004. She noticed there was only 2 Thai restaurants in town.

So, with my mothers passion to bring a real Authentic Thai food to town. We opened a Thai restaurant right across from Spencer Smith Park in downtown Burlington in 2005. Mom was quick to jump on board immersing herself in the day to day operation of the kitchen, lending her advice and knowledge in training the kitchen staff in preparing the Best Thai Dishes. Along the way she created quick and easy recipes using our own Thai Curry Pastes so that our kitchen staff could create real authentic curry dish flavour in no time. Our customers soon began to request our curry pastes to take home and cook with, emphasizing their full bodied taste and rich spice flavours.

This was the beginning of our Eastern Blue Curry Paste in 4 amazing Flavours. Now anyone can make Thai Authentic Curry with our curry paste within 5-10 mins . By just adding our curry paste, coconut milk, meat or vegetables together . That’s all you need. Our curry pastes are rich with flavour, full bodied and very concentrated. So, we would recommend you to start cooking with 1 tsp at the beginning and gradually add them to your flavour. Our curry pastes are All Natural/Gluten Free/Nut Free and Delicious. With simple delicious and nutritious recipes, we have also created many different recipes with our curry paste for you to enjoy in this cookbook. Follow your own unlimited inspiration in cooking and experience . You can enjoy cooking by adding our curry pastes to any of your dishes, you can create them in your own kitchen, at your own pace.


Our NEW Spice Blends are also an exciting adventure in flavour. They are wonderfully spicy with mouth watering authentic tastes you just can't forget. They are the smart cook's hack for turning any dish into a thrilling Thai specialty everyone can't wait to enjoy again. All spices include premium ingredients with as little salt as possible to preserve the natural favours. Simply sprinkle on your favourite salad, sandwiches, egg, avocado or BBQ for amazing taste. It's so easy to make any dish flavourful and delicious.


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